Christmas at Bob's

Here's some standard questions Bob gets about the display...

Where are you located? 

we are located on the corner of 7421 108st NW Edmonton AB. You can't miss us! if you're still not sure, check out the map at the bottom of the page!

When are the lights on?

 The lights are on December 1st this year, first Saturday of December. And they're on till January 7 or 8, 2019. So stop by okay?

Can we take pictures? Are you on instagram?

Yes and yes! Please feel free to take as many pictures as you want, and don't forget to tag us on instagram @xmasatbobs and use our hashtag #xmasatbobs

Can I bring my family and/or children to see the display, and is there a cost?

Absolutely! Come by, this is a show for everyone to enjoy! there is no cost to visit our light display. if you're lucky, you might even catch us serving hot chocolate!

Will you be having a ceremony again for opening night this year? The one you put on last year was cool!

We are actively planning this right now,  so stayed tuned!

OMG! There are so many lights... how many are there together? 

Every year varies, and I usually keep adding more. in 2015, there were approximately 120,000 lights. In 2016, there were around 150,000 lights. This season, im not sure how many I'll be adding.. I guess we'll see!!:)

Where do you store all lights in the off season?

We decided to do a short video to answer that question.


How much is the power bill to keep all of this running?

Imagine putting on a full Christmas for a family of ten every single day for a month... and that's what it costs!!

I've heard Edmonton Transit takes some of their busses by your house, is that true?

We've hear this as well, but we haven't been able to confirm it either way. If someone with the City of Edmonton-Tranist Services reads this and know for sure to the affirmative or negative, please contact is via the from on the contact page and we'll update our information. Thank you!